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B & D Rolflex Roll-A-Door


B & D Rolflex the worlds leading rolling garage door 'Roll-A-Door' style, quality and innovation. Your garage door is one of the most important visual features of your home, often representing a third or more of the frontage - the right choice will enhance its appearance and add value to your property.

An unrivalled pedigree
B D doors are produced in the UK by Rolflex Doors Limited who have over 30 years experience as a leading manufacturer.

B&D garage doors are looking good and working efficiently for more than three million home owners around the world in all climatic conditions.

For single or multiple openings, archways or irregular openings, the B&D Roll-A-Door rolling garage door has you covered with a versatile range of colours and sizes. The durable Plastisol embossed finish, guaranteed for ten years, is oven bonded to galvanised steel for added corrosion protection.

The exclusive package
The Rolflex manufacturing methods produce a precisely engineered steel curtain for greater strength and reliability. It's neat aesthetic lines form the backbone of the door, ensuring efficient operation every time. Nylofelt running strips and patented Rool-A-Guides provide smooth, quiet, grease free operation - year after year. Precision springing ensures just the right balance, requiring minimum operating effort. The door will rest in any position. A sophisticated and patented barrel design protects the plastisol finish and delivers consistent performance.

The cushioned multi-fin weather strip provides maximum protection against rain, wind and leaves. It also minimises gaps on uneven floors.

Other exclusive features include internal quick turn locking, designed for easy, finger-touch operation. The centre lift lock incorporates a recessed handle and is attractive, durable and comfortable to touch, summer and winter. A double-bar locking action with anti-pick design provides greater security.

Colour range
These doors are available in an extensive range of colours. There are 19 colour finishes to choose from, ranging from bright or neutral shades through to special woodgrain effects. (Please ask for a brochure with colour details)

Remote Control
Imaging the convenience of automatically opening and closing your door from inside the car. No more getting out in the rain to open your garage. The Easyroller opening can be easily fitted to your Roll-A-Door The 'Security Enhancer' welcomes you home with a courtesy light that illuminates when the door is activated. It may also operate from your remote control transmitter without opening the door. A fully adjustable light timer is provided for extra convenience and security.

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