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Secondary Glazing

High Quality Secondary Glazing in Margate, Kent

Here at Omega we offer a bespoke range of secondary glazing, perfect for both listed and period properties in Margate, Kent, Canterbury, Herne Bay, Faversham, Ashford, Kennington, Hythe, Folkestone, Dover and Deal.

Proven to reduce noise pollution and help exclude draughts and cold spots, our secondary glazing is an excellent choice for all types of Kent home.

What is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary Glazing Kent

Secondary glazing is the result of stringent home improvement regulations with regards to Grade I and Grade II buildings. This technology was created to ensure that the traditional aesthetic was maintained in both period and listed homes.

Fitted inside the existing window, secondary glazing perfectly replicates technology of double glazing used within contemporary buildings, with the classic appearance of traditional windows.

Why Choose Secondary Glazing for my Kent home?

Choose secondary glazing for your home if you’re looking to maintain an authentic appearance for your property. Secondary glazing is an excellent choice for listed buildings where windows cannot be fully removed. The secondary glazing just sits on top of the existing single-glazing pane, so the only difference you’ll notice will be the benefits our secondary glazing provides.

Our specialists are the experts when it comes to secondary glazing, and know how to create a result that you’ll be proud of for years to come.

Our Secondary Glazing Range

We offer an extensive range of secondary glazing to suit the needs of all our Margate and Kent customers. We offer four different types of secondary glazing:

  • Vertical Sliding: Our vertical sliding option is ideal for traditional sash windows. The optional spring balances available can support the sliding sash in any position and comes with three different frame options. If your sliding sash window tilts, our secondary glazing can accommodate this.
  • Horizontal Sliding: Our horizontal sliding secondary glazing range is ideal for casement and ribbon windows. This glazing option can accommodate a smooth sliding action using nylon pads or roller wheels. Available in three different frame options, this secondary glazing range comes with a 3 track option for maximum ventilation.
  • Hinged Units: Our hinged units are suitable for both doors and windows, so you can make all the double glazing within your home more thermally efficient and secure. The glazing comes butt hinged or friction hinged and available in two different frame options. It is perfect for fire escapes and for maximum ventilation.
  • Lift Out & Fixed Units: This secondary glazing is suitable for applications where access to the existing windows isn’t paramount. Perfect for specialist applications (such as bay or bow windows), this fixed system is extremely cost effective and can easily be curved.

Highly Secure

Security is very important for your Kent home, and secondary glazing introduces another barrier between the interior and exterior of your property.

Almost impenetrable, our glazing from Planitherm is an excellent way of improving the security of your home.

Secondary Glazing Kent

Sound Proofing

There’s nothing worse than being disturbed by outdoor noises and distractions. Our range of secondary glazing has been proven to significantly improve sound insulation, preventing you from hearing noises outside and keeping your property private.

The additional layer of 4mm acoustic glass has been uniquely designed to prevent sound from protruding into your property. Choose our exceptional glazing to improve the soundproofing of your property. Customers can either choose the standard 4mm  secondary glazing or you can choose our 6mm+ high-specification glass such as laminated glass or acoustic glass to further improve the amount of noise reduction for your Kent or Margate home.

Thermally Efficient

Our secondary glazing gives an extra layer of glass to your windows, which in turn significantly improves the heat retention of your glazing. Our secondary glazing can reduce the heat loss of your Kent or Margate property by up to 50%. Our customers can specify ordinary Float or Toughened glass, or if they want the very best thermally efficient secondary glazing, then the Pilkington ‘K’ low e glass is the right option.

The additional glass layer sits on the inside of the window, trapping a pocket of air between the two sections. This creates innovative, thermal technology which will help keep your property warmer for longer.

Condensation will also be significantly decreased by re-enforcing your windows with secondary glazing. Drafts will also be reduced, so you won’t have to worry about cold air coming into your home and compromising your comfort.

Secondary Glazing Prices Margate & Kent

If you’ve been inspired to get secondary glazing added to the existing windows at your Margate or Kent home then reach out to our team today. You can call us on 01843 299 662 or fill out our online contact form.

For those who already know what window needs the secondary glazing, or perhaps you want a replacement window, then fill out our online quotation engine. This will give you a bespoke estimate of how much our services will cost with no obligation to book.

If you’d rather speak to one of our specialists in person, you can book an appointment or visit our showroom at 121 Canterbury Road, Westbrook, Margate, Kent.

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