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Patio Doors Cliftonville

High Quality Patio Doors For Cliftonville Homes

Our patio doors will deliver on form and function, totally transforming any style of home in the Cliftonville area. These patio doors are often fitted to the back of properties, adding a sense of brightness and spaciousness to your Cliftonville home.

Patio doors usually consist of two to four panes of glass set on tracks which slide over each other as they open. Our patio door profiles are crafted using high-grade uPVC and aluminium, which are hard wearing and low maintenance materials. Once fitted, these doors will deliver a quality performance for many years to come.

Because patio doors slide open and close, they require no swing space. This makes this style of door a fantastic installation for small properties, balconies and kitchens. You won’t have to worry about placing furniture around these smooth designs.

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Enjoy Your Home All Year Round

If you find that your Cliftonville home is too hot in the summer months and too cold in the winter months, patio doors will help to combat those issues and help you keep a comfortable property all year round.

In summer, open these patio doors up wide to create pleasant breeze throughout the property. Improve your homes ventilate and help keep mould and condensation at bay. In winter, close up the doors without losing the brightness of a room. Sunshine will burst into your space all year round, even with the doors closed.

Our patio doors can help you use your heating less as your Cliftonville home better retains heat. Enjoy your property all year round without needing to touch the thermostat. Lower your home’s energy consumption and minimise your annual energy bills.

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Enhanced Security

We know how important home security is to a Cliftonville homeowner. Our patio doors are manufactured with the safety of your loved ones in mind. Modern advancements in uPVC technology and double glazing ensure these patio doors aren’t a weak point of entry for unwelcome intruders.

Our range of patio doors are internally beaded and fitted with a multi point locking systems to prevent break in. This is paired with state of the art anti-jacking technology, anti-lift blocks, hook latches and toughened glass.


Visual Appeal

Our patio doors look as good as they perform because we don’t believe our customers should choose between form and function. The designs can boost the kerb appeal of your property thanks to their elegant aesthetic.

Whether you have a modern apartment or a traditional property, we will be able to adapt our patio doors to your requirements. We work with Cliftonville homeowners to ensure they get exactly the right installation for their home.

You can choose from a broad array of colours, glazing options and accessories. We want our customers to embrace the natural charm of their property and get a door which is totally bespoke to your home improvement project.

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Insurance-Backed Guarantee

Feel confident in your new investment when you choose Omega for your bifold doors. Our patio doors are crafted using high grade materials and are installed by leaders in their field. We are so confident in our double glazing installations, they come with a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee.

This Home Improvement Protection Guarantee is valid for a decade after we install it into your home. This fantastic guarantee will cover you and your deposit during the process, as well as after the product has been fitted into your property.

Should anything go wrong in this decade, our team will be on hand to help. To find out more, head to the Home Improvement Protection website now or call 01843 299662.



Patio Door Prices Cliftonville

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Should you wish to discuss your options with us, or require more information, then you can contact us. Our experienced team will be happy to answer any queries, offer impartial advice and help you get the right installation for your home improvement project. Right from your first contact, we will prioritise your needs. Our customer services team are here to help you every step of the way, enabling you to find the perfect double glazing products for your property.

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